ABAK Accountancy Office: Accounting and Tax Consultancy

ABAK Accountancy Office was founded in January 1992 and has its seat in the City of Łódź. We specialize in accounting and tax consultancy. We maintain tax books for companies from various industries and do budget settlement for taxes.

Some of our clients cooperate with our office from the beginning of its existence and others signed their agreements between the years 1994 and 1996.

At the moment we attend 150 economic operators. We keep the accounts for legal persons and for commercial law companies, including companies with foreign capital participation of various countries.

We provide service not only in Polish, but also in English and German. We have the policy insurance necessary for our services.

Our Accountancy Office in Łódź covers an area of 350 square meters. It includes 10 rooms, an archive and an extensive hall with a reception area and separate workstations for customer service. There are parking places in fenced area available for our Clients.

More detailed information about accounting and tax consultancy are available in relevant boxes.


ABAK s.c.

Biuro Rachunkowo-Konsultacyjne
M. Sadoch, R. Sadoch – Czyżewska

91-341 Łódź, ul. Św. Teresy 91
tel/fax: 42 617 46 30
fax: 42 617 46 28
e-mail: abak@finn.pl


Management of ABAK:

Full permissions for maintaining tax books and tax consultancy

Regina Sadoch-Czyżewska – lawyer
Marcin Sadoch – economist
Barbara Rudnicka – economist
Joanna Sadoch – economist