Tax Consultancy in Łódź

ABAK Accountancy Office in Łódź provides tax consultancy services. Our offer in that area includes:


  • information concerning changes in tax regulations,
  • tax opinions,
  • consultations on tax,
  • continuous tax surveillance,
  • tax analysis on planned undertakings,
  • tax optimization,
  • documents and appeals on tax issues.


ABAK s.c.

Biuro Rachunkowo-Konsultacyjne
M. Sadoch, R. Sadoch – Czyżewska

91-341 Łódź, ul. Św. Teresy 91
tel/fax: 42 617 46 30
fax: 42 617 46 28


Management of ABAK:

Full permissions for maintaining tax books and tax consultancy

Regina Sadoch-Czyżewska – lawyer
Marcin Sadoch – economist
Barbara Rudnicka – economist
Joanna Sadoch – economist